Founded in 2004 in the cold windswept plains of eastern Canada, Calimacil set out from its inception to become a world-class supplier of high-end LARP and historical re-enactment foam weapons. Our products are manufactured by an eager band of artisans made of passionate LARP players, martial arts practitioners and hardcore gamers.

Extensively researched and tested, our designs have reached unmatched heights of sturdiness, flexibility and safety. Made of detailed, high-impact foam, they are the alternative of choice to latex and homemade weapons. Their unsurpassed quality makes our weapons very resistant to shock, torsion and tear. Tested in extreme weather, they are perfectly suited to sustain countless battles.

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Krieger - Hache du Loup (2 Mains)

Weight (g): 750
Total Length (cm):  98
Grip length (cm): 22
Staff Length (cm): 66
Head width (cm): 20
Material: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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Hachoir de Boucher

Weight (g): 200
Total Length (cm): 42
Blade Length (cm): 27
Blade Tickness (cm): 2
Blade color: Steel , Black
Handle length (cm): 15
Grip length (cm): 9

71,90 *
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Duath l'Ombre (Violet)

Poids (g): 140
Longueur totale (cm): 47,5
Longueur de la lame (cm): 31
Épaisseur de la lame (cm): 2
Longueur de la poignée (cm): 21,5
Matériel : Mousse Calimacil
Verions: Master

71,90 *
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The Witcher - Epée de Geralt de Riv

199,90 *
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Hache de Bataille "Baruk" (60 cm)

139,90 *
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Krieger - Hache du Loup Féroce

179,90 *
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