Sac de Ceinture "Tostig" (Noir)


Sac de Ceinture "Tostig" (Noir)

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Sometimes you have to act fast to solve problems on LARP events. Utensils need to be quick at hand and easy to grab from the pocket. Sometimes it is just seconds that decide on the life or death of a long-loved character or the win-lose-situation of an entire event.. The "Tostig" belt bag allows this quick access to the accessories due to its easy closure. A long strap is lead through a simple steel loop and closes this bag - simple as it is. When in a hurry: this strap is just pulled out of the metal loop and the bag is open. The "Tostig" bags volume allows bigger numbers of equipment to be stored at the wearers belt: it even fits 10 of our "Salerno" bandages. It is made from durable upper leather and has wide belt loops on the back.

Material: upper leather
Height: 17 cm
Width: 15 cm
Depth: 7 cm
Volume: app. 1,5 l

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